Working (training) as a (novice) banker

Some people said life is a matter of choices. We always have so many options to choose.

Choose or Chosen?

Talking about future, we never know where we are going to. Our best effort has been shown, but if it isn’t our own path, whatever we do we just can’t flip our fate. As long as I lived until now, I ever had 3-4 dreams about what will I supposed to be in the future. Three of them always change by the time goes on and even my last dream failed tragically.

But, after some periods of time now I realize that sometimes if you are being grateful whatever you get that’ll make life easier. And from now on, I will be a banker (actually I am still training before I start working in full time). Okay, this kind of job is never across my mind, never, until I took the test. Being a banker in my mind is just for an economic student or accountant. Yes, I never imagined that I have finished my degree in engineering area (industrial engineering) then changing my path become kind of ‘economic’ job.

According to my decision, many people asking me: “why do you choose banking?” “You’re an engineer, why didn’t you pursue any oil and gas industry or FMCG?” not only my friends but also my families too asking me those questions. Actually, I am still asking those questions to myself and also keep searching what is the best answer for those questions. Until November, I tried to learn and read some literatures of what will I do in Banking industry. Keep asking and thinking everyday bout those problems until the company asked me to join in their training session. I decided to join and try to make sure that I will join the biggest bank in Indonesia (based on asset) and maybe it will teach and train me to understand what will I do in the banking industry better.

And, after a period of time, I found an answer that make me sure I am taking a right choice. Alex Brummer said in his book:

“Banks are the lifeblood of the economy, acting as circulation systems for the cash pumped into the money market by other financial players and governments.”

I understand this thing after I learned some theories and also understand a real function of a bank. As an intermediaries, it will make a huge impact if it going well. Collecting money from the excess one and delivering to the shortage one. It will make multiplier effect, business will growth bigger and faster, and economy of the country also growth not excluding the residents in that country too.

That important role opened my mind to do the best in this industry. If I didn’t fully serious in this job, my existence is nothing. A lot of challenges waiting ahead, so there’s not enough time if I just wondering my reason here. Do my best is the next thing I have to do start from now.

Next goal

When I thought what will I write in my first post, I will share about an advice from my lecturer. He said that life is always like this: You’ll reach higher position/grade after some periods of time, but after you reached highest position, you’ll toss down again and climb up to the higher position. Taking that statement, the one I can see the analogy between the statement and tangential curve.


And for me, after finished my college it’s like reaching the highest position that I can do in my college life. I can’t climb up anymore, so I got thrown again in bottom line (or below) and have to hike again. I have to advance into higher position, or higher experience. Meanwhile, I must set the target for my own sake. What will I do now? What will I pursue in this period?

What I learned in the past, despite we have to think about big goal or last goal but we still have to think about short term goals. Small short term goal is important to make you being grateful what you’ve done before. Also it makes you getting more excited to strive into your big goal. Now in my new phase on my life, I have to make a short term and small goal. My short term goal that I set now is not a biggest one or the extraordinary one. I just have one goal: to learn and always learn. Since I am a newbie in this field, I need to learn a lot of new things. I have to learn from everywhere, everyone and everything. It’ll need a huge effort to do that goal although it’s just 5 words. I just can’t wait and sit but I need to be active to get a huge amount of new knowledge.

At last, the only thing I hope in my new journey is I can enter the good system. Like Gary Mottershead said below: a good people could be destroyed by a bad system, so how if it goes to me? I am not such a good people so if it happens to me, it’s not just destroy me but maybe worse than that. Vice versa, I think a good system would make a good people, so I think I will be a better person if what I’ve choose before is a good place with good system to develop myself.




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